Welcome to Le Shed. This is the place where I make my experimental art: Sculpting, drawing, spray painting… anything creative and fun, especially if it involves simple materials and tools I can make/invent myself.

It all starts when I am walking along the lanes of the hardware store. There, I can see the quasi unlimited possibilities waiting on the shelves: nails, copper tubes, screws, garden gypsum, concrete, timber…

I love trying new mixtures, creating colours, ink, paper, mortar mix, composite stone, welding etc. anything that will bring an idea into a life of its own, even if I cannot work without what inspires me: history, old master’s sketches, Alberto Giacometti, John Chamberlain… just to be short.

Year after year, my style has drifted away from a sleek finish; I love leaving things a little bit blurry on the edges, with an abstract touch, a patina that will give an invisible background story. Art is a discovery.

I am not a professional artist, my production flow goes with the envy/need of making/studying something new. I just love creating things and art is a good way to do so. Nevertheless, it’s always good to see an artwork leaving le Shed for someone’s home.

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Favourite materials: mortar, stucco, concrete, gypsum, metal, pencil, ballpoint pen, oxides.

Favourite subjects: semi abstract figures (human), portraits, animals.